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Aimee completed her first Olympic distance triathlon in 3hrs 18 mins.

Aimee put in a cracking bike leg at the Virgin Active London Triathlon

I did it!

Well I can’t believe it’s actually all over, but I completed the Olympic distance yesterday, and I am so so surprised by the results!
As race day approached, I started to wonder whether I had really done enough training, but time had run out, and the only thing I had left was sheer determination. I’m quite lucky that I don’t suffer too badly with nerves so as my alarm clock went off at 6am I was just keen to get it done.

The Swim
My 8.30am wave was huge – 420 and all female. I was glad I didn’t have any big burly men to contend with in the swim but that didn’t mean it wasn’t mental as the claxon went off. I hung back a bit and let the strong swimmers pass me, but soon felt like I wanted to get in the mix and get the swim done. As my weakest discipline I knew it could be a struggle but I just front-crawled when I had the space, and breast-stroked when I didn’t.
Last year in the sprint distance I didn’t have a watch on so had no idea how I was doing, but this year I had the waterproof Polar so could keep an eye on the time. I just kept ploughing along, and randomly starting singing the Little Mermaid’s ‘Under the Sea’ under my breath to keep myself entertained!
I jumped out of the swim thinking I’d done it in around 40 mins, and my official time was 44m 20s which was bang on double my sprint last year. Happy with that!
I was really looking forward to the bike section so tried to get out as quickly as I could however the transition at London Triathlon is HUGE and including the really quite long run in, I took 4:58. Not great, but not the worst.
The Bike
The bike section was amazing. I was out on the early morning route to Westminster and was eager to clap eyes on Big Ben.  The course is fairly flat, but a few bridges and tunnels made for some fast descents. My absolute favourite bit about riding is going as fast as I can and I wasn’t disappointed as I came squealing through one of the tunnels – that’s got to be fun right?!
I’ll admit, an hour into the ride, I’d clearly pushed myself a bit too hard. I was tiring and the thought of coming back up the hills was at the front of my mind. But, also at the back of my mind was my challenge to do the ride in 1hr 30m and I knew I was close.
The Team Carbon Bike was an absolute dream to ride. Really light and fast, it must have been a key factor in me getting a quite unbelievable 1hr 23m!
T2 was quicker – 3m 14s and I was jelly-legging out to the run.
The Run
The run section started under the beating sun that blessed the event all weekend, but made it tough. I spent most of my run chucking cups of water over myself, or accepting ‘power showers’ from the volunteers on the course!
I genuinely felt like I shuffled around at snails pace but turns out I was clocking 10 minute miles, finishing the run in 1hr 1m. For me, this is an amazing achievement, especially after 2+ hours of hard exercise.
Coming into the last lap I actually got a bit emotional which has never happened before. I guess the scale of the event and what I had just done really hit me. I then saw the rest of the Team from Triathlon Plus and pulled myself together for a sprint finish. No idea where I found the energy but I knew I was close to the hour run so just gave it my all.
I am so chuffed with my performance, and the experience was brilliant. I did far better than I thought I would and my total time was 3hrs 18ms. I cant say I’ll be signing up to another Olympic distance in any hurry – Sprints are more my confort zone, but I am really proud of myself…
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