Ben has finally learned to love cycling and can’t wait to race on Sunday.

Ben is part of our in-house dream team aiming to take on the Virgin Active London Triathlon this July with the support of Team Carbon – official bike supplier, Tenn Outdoors – official kit supplier, Saucony, Polar, Zone 3 and Limar. To find out more about Team Triathlon Plus click here.

With the exception of the views, everything in London is the same as everywhere else, but bigger. And so it is with the London Triathlon; the same swim, bike and run but with a twist – instead of a few hundred people there’s 13,000. I was thinking about this as I was swimming around Vobster Quay; a beautiful, clear-water lake near the village of Mells in Somerset while on a club night last week. It was then that I started getting really excited about this. Any tri race is interesting but the shear scale the London Tri makes it unique.

My training has been frequent, but not focused. I want to get faster but I admit I’m probably never going to stick to a training plan – so instead I have taken away one bit of advice Team Coach Phil gave me; ‘train your body to hurt sometimes’. Probably loads of people do that (like the ones that will finish before me on Sunday) but since I tend to train for pleasure, my response to pain had previously been to take the gas off a bit and carry on. So, simple advice, quite easily applied and happily my times are improving. As a result my swim and bike times are ticking down slightly. Not drastic, but better then they would have been. I’m aiming for a 25 min swim and a 45 minute run.

My hoodoo was the bike. I was on the back foot here: I had recently  gone to the shop and said, ‘Can I have a fast bike, different from my heavy, slow, 20 year old racer?’ I came out with a TT bike. Big mistake – backed up by data. Take the Cotswolds 113 in June; I was 138th in swim, 207th in the run and 342nd out of around 630 in the bike leg. At one point I was looking round, as well as my aching neck would allow to see if there was anyone left to overtake me! No-one wants that. It turns out what I should have asked was ‘Can I have a light, comfy bike that suits me?’ This is what the Team Carbon bike has been. I actually go out riding for pleasure again! As little as a month ago I would not have dreamed of that. So, thank you Team Carbon and Team Triathlon Plus. I really want to make the most of my growing confidence on the bike and get my time right down. I’ll be happy with 1 hour 20, for now….

So, roll on Sunday but its been a great experience already. is the online home of Triathlon Plus – the best source of triathlon training advice, triathlon gear reviews and triathlon news.

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