Coaching editor Phil Mosley has a canny idea for keeping motivation when the mercury drops

Phil Mosley - Ready For TrainingThe winter is well and truly upon us, and for triathletes it usually means one of two things. Either you train like a demon, hoping for your best ever performance in the summer. Or you get really cheesed off with the weather and your motivation plunges as low as the temperature outside.

I tend to go from one extreme to the other, depending on how much it rained during my last workout. I’m determined that this winter will be different though. So in a bid to inject some excitement into my training I’ve entered an event every month.

Among others, I’ll be doing the Chichester 10K in February, the Bath Half Marathon in March and the Virgin Money London Marathon in April. I’ll still be swimming and cycling as usual, because my ultimate goal is to do well in Ironman and half-Ironman triathlons. I’m just using these running events to give me enough focus to get through the inevitable wet and freezing days in decent shape.

By the time London is done and dusted, it’ll almost be triathlon-time again. I’ll take an easy week or two to recover and then get back into a similar pattern of racing and training. That means doing a cycle time-trial every week (for training purposes) and a triathlon every three weeks or so.

Racing regularly like this can work well, but it’s important to have a good foundation of training behind you first. You don’t need to train super-hard all the time. You just need to find a routine that works well for you and then be consistent with it. Make subtle changes over time, rather than extreme ones.

With any luck he’ll get you so fired up you’ll be thawing the snow just by looking at it.

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