Think it’s all glamour for the Triathon Plus/ team? Well it’s not (apart from for coaching ed Phil Mosley, who made it to Abu Dhabi). From hot bikes to freezing photoshoots, here’s what we’ve been up to recently – and your chance to win biscuits…

triathlon images

Coaching editor Phil Mosley drew the short straw with a trip to the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon, where he won the sprint race and this splendid cake. Phil would probably say something about one of his five-a-day, high GI foods for re-fuelling, blah blah. We say: thanks for saving us some Phil, you piece of work.triathlon images

… and here’s what he did to earn it, bless him: Phil being presented with his prize for best flip-flops. Sorry, for winning the sprint race at Abu Dhabi International Triathlon.

triathlon images

In early March we bid a fond farewell to our art editor, Simon Goddard. Simon will be missed for his enthusiasm, his smiling eyes, and his boundless commitment to holding up reflective circle thingies for our photographers.

triathlon images

Simon’s last week was like a Martin Scorcese film: he agreed to do ‘one last job’, in this case a photoshoot for issue 27’s free guide to Olympic-distance racing, guest edited by none other than the Brownlee brothers. Don’t want to miss out? You’d best subscribe then…

triathlon images

Meanwhile, over in the Pain Cave, diligent Ironman trainee James Dando prepares for his Ironman Lanzarote bike leg by whacking the heater on, eating salt and getting really, really bored. Keep the poor lamb company by following his blog here. triathlon images

Second only to Mosley’s ‘hard work’ in Abu Dhabi was editor Liz Hufton’s enforced two-hour bike ride in the middle of the working day to test these adidas Evil Eye sunnies for issue 27. Exhausting.

Specialized Shiv

And there’s more sickeningly difficult work coming up for bike-test guru Guy Kesteven, who’ll be riding this lovely new Specialized SHIV for an upcoming test with the working title ‘Really Really Nice Bikes’. Here it’s pictured in the bike test holding area, aka the living room of BikeRadar editor Jeff Jones who’s also taken it for a spin.

triathlon images

And finally in a retrospective of some of Simon Goddard’s best work, this late 2010 shot of staff writer Mark Robinson behind (cardboard) bars depicts the heavy price paid by staff who fail to get their features in on time. Think on.

SEEN ENOUGH? Then send us your own pictures (keep ’em clean) of triathlon-related shenanigans (includes pre-, post- and mid-training snacks), we’ll stick them up, and with our esteemed judge Tony Hart* we’ll pick the best and award an honorary packet of biscuits. Email your pics to with ‘gallery’ in the subject box.

(*or Tony Hart tribute act)