The Tomminator, Tom Ballard, checks in after two months Ironman training for Team Felt Triathlon Plus

Tom Ballard for Team Felt Triathlon Plus“I’ve had a decent month’s training and while I’m doing OK in all the sports, it’s the overall volume that’s getting to me – and that’s not even up to where it needs to be yet. I feel like I’m teetering on overtraining even though I’m not actually doing a massive amount, so I’m listening to my body and trying to avoid injury and burnout.

“Swimming is going well – I managed a 1:22 PB for 100m that will make the best swimmers laugh, but is around 10 seconds faster than this time last year. I’ve been sticking to my power-based bike training, which is going well, but I had a nightmare of an FTP test – going too hard and nearly throwing up after 20 minutes instead of 30. I’m a bit scared to repeat it now! I’m doing the Lionheart sportive with Shonsel and Kev – it’s one of my favourite events and I even ploughed through snow to finish last year! This time, I just want to earn a mental boost, proving that I can do the distance.

“The Running School visit was brilliant – looking at my form, it made perfect sense why I’ve been getting niggling ITB injuries, so I’m going to work on my posterior chain to avoid my girly, flailing legs crossing over.”

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