Triathlete Blogs

  • Phil Graves’ Triathlon Blog: Porous Lad

    14th September 2011

    Sometimes the memorable races are the most monstrous, says Triathlon Plus and columnist Phil Graves This month Iā€™m inspired to talk about the weather and races. This comes about after I raced Ripon Triathlon last weekend ā€“ one of…

  • The Phil Graves Column

    24th June 2011

    After watching the Royal Wedding a few weeks ago, our star columnist looked at some of his own tours of duty. As I write this, the whole country is Royal Wedding mad ā€“ even I have been out to buy…

  • Phil Graves Blog: Join The ‘A’ Teams

    3rd September 2010

    Elite triathlete Phil Graves explains why this solitary sport needs group support… This month I want to talk about something becoming ever more evident in triathlon: the emergence of teams at all levels of the sport. These range from the…