Triathlete Blogs

  • Blenheim’s Weekend Warrior

    Blenheim’s Weekend Warrior

    7th June 2016

    Written by Ade Fowler Back in 2012 I had this idea that I wanted to do a Triathlon and I won’t forget how tough it is to do your first. I decided to enter Blenheim and give it a try…

  • 70.3 First Timer

    70.3 First Timer

    9th March 2016

    Laying the foundations Our 70.3 first timer, Matt Beale, has been burning calories and putting in the miles before he starts the serious hard work It’s been a long two months since the New Year weigh in. My festive over…

  • 10 Triathlons to take on this year

    18th February 2016

    The team at Formby Cycles reveal their ultimate bucket list for the cream of the crop in triathlons across the globe for 2016. Which triathlons would you dare..?

  • How I overcame pain to make the podium

    How I overcame pain to make the podium

    17th February 2016

    Ruth Wilson, a mum of two, took up triathlon to help her cope with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Today, she is a world-class talent. Words Fiona Duffy Images British Triathlon / Dave Tyrell; Nick Hill.

  • Why sponsor an age-grouper?

    Why sponsor an age-grouper?

    10th February 2016

    Amy Kilpin explains the importance of financial support, and why age-groupers are joining the professionals to be brand ambassadors.

  • From Fat Man to Ironman

    From Fat Man to Ironman

    21st January 2016

    Five years ago Lee Maxwell, 36, was too embarrassed to be photographed with his kids. Now he’s their sporting inspiration… Words: Debbi Marco Images: Finisherpix

  • Reflect Review and Refocus

    Reflect Review and Refocus

    18th December 2015

    Age-grouper Amy Kilpin takes some time off training and allows herself to be introspective and inspired for the coming year. It’s that time of the year when we look back, wondering if we got the best out of ourselves, achieved our goals and managed…

  • The Ultimate Triathlon

    The Ultimate Triathlon

    3rd December 2015

    Luke Tyburski takes the ultimate triathlon challenge: 2000kms in 12 days, from Morocco to Monaco.

  • From Addiction To Triathlon

    From Addiction To Triathlon

    2nd December 2015

    Gary Schroeder, 36, explains how he beat his drink and drug habit to race Ironman UK. Words: Debbi Marco Photos: Charles Whittington Photography; Finisherpix.