Written by Jon Dundee, Triathlon Plus’ Competition Winner




I’m getting into my Tri Plus training plan and things are going well; certainly as well as can be expected with a nine-week old baby. When I first put the plan into Training Peaks six months ago my initial impression was that it wouldn’t be enough as it was a significant drop in volume from what I was doing. Now, after the first month I’m actually just about managing to fit in all of the sessions.

As part of the buildup, I completed my first Iron distance open water swim last week and was pleasantly surprised. I’d only swum 1900m nonstop previously so I took it easy to begin with, however, after doing five laps of the lake and a total of 3.8k my finishing time was a very pleasing 1:06:00. I think with a pair of feet to sit on and salt water that should come down to below 1:05:00 and it felt pretty easy, which was the goal.

My bike and run sessions are getting longer each week. Within the next month’s sessions I’ll have completed the full distance bike and probably a twenty mile run, which I’m sure will give me plenty of confidence for the main event. I just have to put it all together into one day!

Another eye opener for me was that a few weeks ago I took the opportunity a to work through the Sweat test protocol outlined in Februarys Triathlon Plus on the turbo. I intend to run it a few times before Mallorca to give me an average but was extremely surprised to find that even though I drank 1.2 liters during a two-hour bike session I still lost 0.5kgs in body weight. I still need to test a few more times to know for sure but it’s made me realise that I need to be drinking more both in training and racing, especially for Long course.

I have recently completed the Monster Middle distance race in Ely which was my last full race practice before the Ironman. I can almost say ‘I’m ready’!