Written by Katia; Triathlon Plus’ Competition Winner


I entered the competition and could not believe my luck when I found out I had won a week long training camp for two. I had regularly looked at the SunTri website as I was excited about the idea of the training camp; so to win it was the best and most unexpected surprise!


Why did it look so special? Well, Mallorca was on my list (I was curious to see what all the hype was about) and the April – May timing was perfect for the triathlon calendar, but what else? Well for one, the camp offered a team of 3-4 coaches for twelve participants. Each coach brought different skills to the camp; Steffi and Gerry Steinberg are Ironman and endurance event champions as well as being qualified coaches, Di and Scott Murray are BTF Level 3 coaches and Robert Griffiths is an international coach and mentor. Secondly, the example week’s programme on the SunTri website looked ideally jam-packed, making great use of the hotel facilities as well as Mallorca’s reputation for being a paradise for cyclists.


As you’ll see from my diary, the training camp programme did not disappoint; I flew home suitably knackered. I was excited that my programme was designed specifically for me with a number of coaching 1-2-1s discussing my usual training “habits”, upcoming races, times and priorities. I wasn’t receiving special treatment, the coaching team did this for everyone.


It wasn’t all about tough training sessions; we had a lot of fun throughout the week. Eating together every day at the Hotel Valentin restaurant helped the team to gel too. I came away from the training camp having met some incredible people, feeling fitter than I’d felt in a long time, and completely refreshed; I had been on the best, most wholesome holiday. Looking forward to the summer competition season and the next triathlon training camp.


Here are some of the highlights…




  • Arrival and welcome by the training coach duo Gerry and Steffi Steinberg


  • Our first run – an opportunity to meet the other 11 athletes on the camp and our lead coaches, Gerry and Steffi Steinberg. We chatted about the training camp schedule options and they made sure we earned our dinner.


  • Our first dinner at the hotel, The Valentin at Playa de Muro; it didn’t disappoint!






  • Our first swim session: we didn’t waste any time getting started. We were filmed for 1-2-1 sessions later that day and the swim analysis proved particularly useful in highlighting some key areas of improvement for me.


  • Breakfast *in cycle gear*!


  • Our first bike ride with the SunTri Group; 60km with a short coffee stop at Petra.


  • We enjoyed a 5km run with 3km at a social pace and 2km at pace. We were filmed again!




  • A small group of us started a new trend; stretching and yoga, watching the sunrise on the beach


  • Our first bike ride with the SunVelo Groups. We were allocated a group, based on personal cycling experience and fitness. The coaches knowledge of both cycling and all the little country lanes in Mallorca was amazing and with their help I rode 105km.






  • Our new coach, Di Murray arrived and introduced new drills and ideas to our swim session.




  • The bike ride with the SunVelo took me to Orient via Santa Maria. I rode 110km and had the opportunity to practice descending and more effective cornering at speed.




WednesdayRest and Rain day


  • We enjoyed an open Water Swim in the water of the Playa de Muro beach which gave us the chance to put in to practice the techniques we had worked on in the pool.


  • Our core and gym session introduced some new exercises and stressed the importance of developing core strength which gave me some great tips that are easy to replicate back at home.




  • Using our individual video analysis our coaching team used running drills to help with aspects of developing our individual running techniques.






  • Just as I needed to think about packing to go home, I was getting into the routine of training, eating and resting!




  • Our final bike ride was one to remember.  Starting from the Hotel Valentin, we made our way to Soller for a quick coffee stop before starting the 14km climb to Puig Major. The descent the other side towards Llubi was incredible. We came back to base via Inca and managed 130km in total; I couldn’t stop smiling!




Thank you!