Today I am looking at the form goggles. We got a set of these in a few weeks ago and since I told people on Instagram @trimadness that we had a pair for review, I’ve had so many comments from messages from people saying “I really want to know what these are like”. 

We’re gonna actually shed some light on what it’s like to swim in the FORM goggles. I think the first thing that really struck me with the FORM goggles is they, they’re not just goggles, obviously, they are way more than that. And when you think of a heads up display, I think instantly of Terminator. And I’m not joking, when actually pop these on in the pool, the looks that I got from some of the regular swimmers in David Lloyd, you know, I could have been the Terminator, I looked alien to them, they do look different, but I like it. 


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