Actipatch Back pain patch tested, rated and reviewed

Actipatch Back pain patch


Actipatch uses a small-scale version of the electromagnetic pulse therapy used by physiotherapists in hospitals. There’s a flexible wire ring attached to the head unit, which has a simple on-off switch with a green LED to tell you it’s activated.

The unit is placed within a pocket on a waistband, which is secured by Velcro, and the perimeter of the wire is positioned over the affected area. There’s also a knee unit but the Actipactch can be used anywhere with some creative use of medical tape.

The claim is that the Actipatch unit helps relieve pain and reduce inflammation by stimulating cells with electromagnetic pulses. Its science is proven, but it’s hard to judge how well this miniature version works. We used it regularly for several days and a few nights on a dodgy SI joint that was referring pain to the leg and tenderness was alleviated, which let us run again.

One tester also used it to reduce acute hip pain. This could be coincidence but with 720 hours of usage for £19.99, we’d say it’s certainly worth a go if you’re suffering from niggling injuries.