We review these brand new sunglasses from Adidas.

Adidas Adizero Tempo Pro

Finding versatile sunnies suitable for both cycling and running can be frustrating; with glasses that excel in one discipline often coming unstuck during the other. Enter the Adizero Tempo Pros, which are packed with features for multi-sport athletes. The frames are incredibly light and thanks to the grippy arms, clip-on head band and adjustable nose pads, they sit comfortably and securely without rubbing or causing headaches. The wraparound lenses offer excellent visibility and maximum coverage from the elements although long, cold descents still left our eyes watering and the top of the frame is visible while in a deep aero tuck. The glasses stayed remarkably free from fog while cycling or running thanks to the ventilation channels built into the top of frame while the TRi.FIT allows three levels of height adjustment to keep the lenses in the optimum position for each sport. They’re also available in two frame sizes and can take prescription inserts.