We review these stylish glasses from Adidas Eyewear.

Adidas Duramo Sunglasses

Adidas Duramo Sunglasses

These lightweight sunglasses are designed for running but we found them just as effective on the bike, thanks mainly to the big, frameless, one-piece lens. In fact, we found them better to ride in than for running as the one area that let them down in our tests was a tendency to slip. The lens quality, particularly at this price, is really impressive. Adidas’ Decentred Vision Advantage lens takes the distortion out of the curved areas of the lens, which means the glasses can be shaped to fit snugly to your face without the dizzying loss of perspective you sometimes have on cheaper sunglasses. We were really impressed with clarity of vision and lack of flicker on tree-lined roads and sunny days. There aren’t any vents but any mist when you slow clears quickly as you pick up pace again. The glasses are practical, too; the arms snap on and off easily so if you stand on them, it shouldn’t be a big deal. You can also adjust the nosepiece to tilt the frame and we had no problems with peripheral vision, though the bottom of our vision was uncovered in a tuck. However we did find that when running, they slipped a few times, something that could be easily fixed with a design tweak or two.

Impressive performance for the price but let down but slippage on the run.

Performance 3/5
Value 4/5
Overall 3/5

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