The Altra Lone Peak 1.5 trail shoes tested, rated and reviewed

Altra Lone Peak 1.5 reviewAltra Lone Peak 1.5


US brand Altra is now available in the UK meaning British athletes can see what all the fuss over the pond is about. Part of Altra’s trail shoe line-up, the Lone Peak features the company’s Zero Drop platform – where the entire foot is an equal distance from the ground, rather than the heel being higher.

This feels strange at first, but soon becomes quite freeing, allowing an unencumbered mid/forefoot strike. It’s also a boon on rough downhills where chunky heels are especially awkward.

The broad toebox gives plenty of space for toes to spread and good ventilation avoids stuffiness – but also means all but the shallowest puddle will drench your feet.

The upper and heel cup hold really well to avoid the feet slipping, but those used to road running might want a little more ankle support. Grip was superb over every terrain we challenged them with and impact protection was only an issue on really hard-packed trails.