We give our expert opinion on the Altura Raceline Bib Tights.

Altura Raceline Bib TightsAltura raceline bib tights


Raceline is a new premium range from Yorkshire bike clothing designers Altura and these bib tights deliver full-day hypothermia protection for winter with only potential exposure to worry about. There is a windproof panelled version for an extra £15 but the basic Raceline bib tights shown here have kept us toasty and warm out on the road even when soaking wet on windy days. The stretchy, multi-panel stirruped cut gives excellent mobility and fit and a high back keeps you comfy even when stretched out aero. The pad is comfortable enough for getting big winter miles in without feeling nappyish either. The only problem that kept, err, ‘popping up’ was the front fly zip which seemed extremely keen to prove it worked at every opportunity, so be careful what you’re flashing if you decide to re-arrange your jacket mid ride.

Well fitted, day comfy leg warmth but beware exhibitionist tendencies .

Performance 3/5

Value 3/5

Overall 3/5