We give our expert opinion on these brand new compression socks from Asics. 

Asics Sport Compression Socks

Compression remains a hot topic in triathlon. Useful for muscle control while involved in activity, some insist that protecting the muscles from unnecessary movement during exercise reduces micro-tears in the muscle tissue. Asics have taken an unusual approach in that their compression socks are more sock-like than most. They’re the normal to-the-knee length to control the full lower leg, though instead of being cold, surgical items, these feel warm and soft – something you could wear all day without looking and feeling like you’re wearing anything medical. Granted, they didn’t feel like they were offering quite the level of compression as some, but still enough to be effective in training and recovery. We’ve run in them with shorts – a look we still struggle with – under tights and for recovery after runs and hard rides while at rest. The price is steep for a single pair of socks – however good the tech – though on a par with similar compression socks. Worth a look if you find some of the compression gear on the market too extreme.