AudioFuel have released Power Up 2012, two new pyramid interval sessions.

The music, coaching and run profile deliver a pyramid interval training session with a total duration of 20 or 32 minutes.

After a 5 minute warm up running at 160 BPM, the sessions alternate sprints and recoveries of equal duration starting with 30 seconds on then a 30 seconds recovery, building incrementally to a two minute 180 BPM sprint on the longer 32 minute session. Then the pattern reverses and the sessions finish with a 5 minute cooldown.

“These short workouts are good for keeping some fast pace high intensity running in your training. As the triathlon season closes and training plans focus on building a good aerobic base the Power Up sessions help triathletes also keep a bit of speed and hit high intensities quickly in short workouts,” says Sean, AudioFuel’s founder, who coaches the session.

Skechers Performance Division have sponsored the 20 minute version of Power Up 2012. “Like Skechers, AudioFuel work hard to design and create training products that help athletes perform at their best” says Brett Worth, Skechers Performance Division Marketing Exec.

Power Up 2012 sees Hollywood movie composer Howie Saunders take AudioFuel’s music into an epic new dimension, with heavy slabs of riffing guitars, block-rocking drums, pounding bass and ear-shredding solos, whilst retaining that unique AudioFuel sound that people love to run to.

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