We review Bell’s new Javelin aero time trail and triathlon helmet.

Bell Javelin Aero Helmet

An integrated visor makes the Javelin look the part

The Bell Javelin aero helmet is the successor to the Meteor and could be considered the cheaper cousin of the Giro Selector. The Javelin is practically identical in shape to the Selector, but doesn’t have quite as many features.

The Javelin comes with a detachable visor with small breathing holes in the top, two main front vents and one rear, a stubby tail (that opens underneath) and a fully adjustable internal cage. We liked the range of options that gave us: three different tilts plus the ability to loosen or tighten on the fly. The ear flaps are flexible so it’s fairly easy to get on and off in transition.

When it was snug on our head, we found it a little tight around the temple compared with the room we had up top and we also had problems seeing far enough up the road when in the aero position. This could be alleviated by loosening the cage a little – not ideal from a safety point of view, but forward vision is equally important.

Despite the holes in the top of the visor, you’ll still have to demist it with detergent or something similar before use: we experienced some condensation collecting at the top. Similarly, although it comes with a few cooling vents, it’s not designed with maximum cooling in mind. It comes in three sizes – S (51-55cm), M (55-59cm) and L (59-63cm) – and six colours.

Well specced aero lid with plenty of adjustability.

Performance 4/5
Value 3/5
Overall 3/5

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