Six of the best chamois creams tested, rated and reviewed

dznuts reviewDZ Nuts Pro


Dave ‘DZ’ Zabriskie’s high-viscosity cream uses natural and plant-derived ingredients, and rather than just lubricating, it also aims to thwart and treat saddle sores by preventing infection. A sparing application spreads well and it remained effective in all conditions, however long we rode.

Overall 4/5

Rapha Chamois CreamRapha Chamois Cream


Ingredients include extracts from plants and herbs that grow on Mont Ventoux. Menthol and rosemary work with olive, vegetable glycerine and shea butter to cool and hydrate your skin and prevent irritation. Pleasantly scented, and even a frugal application stayed effective all day.

Overall 4/5

GS-Chamois-CreamGalius Sport


This Spanish-made cream has a fresh neutral odour. It is thick, non-greasy, and stayed effective during a road race, lubricating well but without the cooling effect of some others on test. Galius says its products contain no parabens, but our tube lists four among the ingredients.

Overall 3/5

Chapeau-CreamChapeau! Menthol


The fragrance and the tingling, soothing effect of Chapeau!’s menthol cream may not be to everyone’s taste, but we liked it. The smell barely diminished after a few hours’ riding, but the lubricating effect had taken a shortcut, the cream’s thinness meaning it doesn’t last long.

Overall 3/5

Chamois-ButtrChamois Butt’r


Developed in 1988 in the USA, this uses high quality mineral oil-based ingredients. The original comes in a 235ml tube, has a neutral odour, is non-greasy, highly viscose and robust enough to stay visible and active even after long, wet rides, continuing to protect you from irritation.

Overall 5/5

SlickskinSlickskin Anti-Chafing Spray


The need to spray this onto the skin or chamois from 20cm is a new challenge – but keeps your fingers clean. Based on paraffins, alcohol and wool fat, it sounds unpalatable but feels cooling and creates an effective barrier to friction, moisture and irritation. It lasts for hours, too.

Overall 4/5