We review the Beto Airflow turbo trainer.

Beto-Airflow TurboBeto Airflow

It may be cheap but this Beto fan resistance trainer has little else to recommend it other than being easy to set up and relatively stable when you’re riding on it. There’s no adjustable resistance on the turbo, which means you’re stuck with whatever it comes with. And this is not good: it took just four seconds for the rear wheel to stop after a sprint. That resistance resulted in the choppiest, ugliest pedalling motion we’ve ever managed on a bike and it’s loud when in use. It’s so far removed from the reality of riding a bike that, unless you’re desperate to ride your bike indoors, we’d recommend you save your cash and get a better model, or rent a WattBike for a couple of months


Yes it’s cheap, but its choppy action means it definitely is not cheerful.

Performance 1/5
Value 2/5
Overall 1/5

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