As all outdoor enthusiasts will know, having the right equipment for the task at hand is imperative to any successful outing. The need for a long-lasting, durable sock is as key as any and without it, even an experienced hand could find themselves struggling for performance in wintery conditions and a range of surfaces. Enter Storm Bloc, the complete socks for adventurers.

High-performance, anti-abrasion yarn used has been consistently tested for a variety of possible situations to improve the capability of the product. The result is a pair of socks that break the mould, achieving market leader status with the best sock abrasion resistance rating possible of 925,000 revs compared to competitors, that is 30x more durable than standard sock brands.

Manufacturer Sock Shop is so confident in its product that it offers a lifetime guarantee. In the unlikely instance you find a hole in your product, simply send the pair back to Sock Shop with your proof of purchase and return address. If the item is no longer produced or not in stock, Sock Shop will replace it with a comparable item.

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