Since the launch of the One, the first road cycling helmet of the brand, Bollé’s focus has been to bring a higher level of design, while refining technologies to match the ever-growing demands of cyclists.

Known to offer high-end performance products matching the needs of road cycling enthusiasts and professionals alike, the brand is proud to release its most advanced road cycling helmet: FURO MIPS.

FUROFURO MIPS is Bollé’s pinnacle performance road cycling helmet. Aerodynamic development, ventilation design, and air flow testing inspired by the automotive industry has led to the creation of this high-end helmet. FURO’s design has a very strong personality and is easily recognisable with its two aerodynamic features: a NACA duct allowing increased airflow without additional drag, and a kamm tail providing a smaller wake that reduces the drag for better aerodynamic properties.

For ultimate comfort and protection, FURO MIPS features a 360° integrated MIPS. By merging the Mips LFL and our 360° fit system into one elegantly engineered piece, we achieve extra protection against angled impacts, our signature 360° adjustability for perfect fit, with better ventilation and comfort than ever before.

In order to achieve this unique and ventilated design, the helmet also benefits from an innovative construction derived from the principle of “roll cage” mostly seen on racing cars (and built in the vehicle compartment to protect from injuries in case of a rollover). This construction reinforces the helmet and allows the creation of extremely large vents for increased airflow. Finally, FURO offers the signature features of Bollé’s cycling helmets: removable wind shells for customised ventilation and aerodynamics, and Bollé’s Opti-Dock storage system to securely stow your sunglasses when you don’t need them.

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