The stunning Bont Riot TR triathlon bike shoes tested, reviewed and rated

Bont Riot TR reviewBont Riot TR

Bont’s Riot TR is the only entry-level shoe on the market that’s heat mouldable. Just bake for 20 minutes at 70°C then strap your feet in. You can also remould as many times as you want until you find a perfect fit. The wide toebox allows great toe spread for an impressive level of comfort and the arch support offers reassuring stability.

The carbon-fibreglass composite sole is shaped into Bont’s typical clog style, which rolls up around the sides of the feet. It’s odd to call shoes exciting, but riding with the Riot TRs was a revelation.

The extraordinary stiffness combined with the sublime fit, secure footing and paltry 275g weight (size 44) provides a sensation of power unlike any other shoe at this price range and better than most that cost twice as much.