Bryton Cardio 30T GPS Sports Watch


A great value GPS sports watch package

Heart-rate/GPS sports watches are ten-a-penny these days (well, ten-a-two-grand), but the USP on this one is its size for the level of functionality on offer. At just 47g, and the size of a standard sports watch, you get full satellite speed-and-distance monitoring; even a top-end watch-format GPS can’t beat it for fit on small wrists.

We foolishly tried to use it without the instructions at first, but found it was far from intuitive; the buttons also need a hard press – good if you’re clumsy – so the set-up took a while. However, it finds the GPS signal quickly and also picked up our heart-rate straight away. While running or riding, you can cycle through several screen options (standard stuff like pace per kilometre, time lapse and heart rate) though we were a bit frustrated that you couldn’t see more data at once – one drawback of a small screen.

We were a bit mistrustful of the heart-rate data – running up a hill seemed to produce no greater rise in heart rate than walking down the street – and for some reason, the heart-rate display went to zero when we stopped. But nice features like alarms for every kilometre, being able to set training targets by heart-rate zone, distance and time; ANT+ compatibility (for speed/ cadence sensors) and upload functions usually cost double this price.


If you can learn its language, this is a great, compact, good value training tool.

Value 3/5

Performance 4/5

Overall 4/5

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