Canyon reveal their latest elite disc-brake equipped bikes

Disc brakes provide road bikes with the tools they need to be potentially safer in situations like rainy descents or over rough, muddy roads. Disc brakes aren’t about having more braking power, they’re about having more control which means less effort to maintain more speed. The better you can brake, the better you will ride.

THE ULITMATE CF SLX DISC 9.0 ~ Price: £4,899

The Ultimate CF SLX Disc 9.0 is essentially the top rung on the Ultimate Disc ladder. Complete with the top Dura Ace spec and DT Swiss wheels, the bike still boasts a Pro Tour race-ready low weight while still having serious acceleration when you really stamp on the pedals. For the fork, Canyon turn to the One Four SLX Disc full carbon fork. Its 1 ¼ inch fork shaft, 12mm through axle, and flat mount standard will provide the durability to withstand the braking forces while also allowing for a modicum of vertical compliance to help smooth out any rough terrain.

THE AEROROAD CF SLX DISC 8.0 ~ Price: £4,499

Even if by nature you are resistant to change, the first time you ride an Aeroad CF SLX Disc 8.0 Di2, you’ll understand what all the fuss is about. Though a far cry from the round steel tubes, this bike exhibits the best and most exciting recent developments in cycling, and makes them accessible for you to buy. The aero, responsive and rigid carbon frame is perfectly balanced to remain snappy when accelerating and when hitting the brakes to check your speed down technical descents.

THE ENDURACE CF SLX DISC 9.0 ~ Price: £5,199

The in-house design for the integrated handlebar stem combo gives you a cockpit that presents a slim face to the wind though the ergonomics of the bar combined with the slightly shorter reach and higher stack will ensure a comfy position without compromising your race tuck when needed. The Endurace’s carbon frame has been specially layered to offer high performance lateral stiffness while absorbing unwanted road chatter making this the perfect bike for your long-distance adventures that often find you off-piste and on the woodsy fire roads.

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