Carrera Nitro helmet tested, rated and reviewed

Carrera Nitro Helmet ReviewCarrera Nitro


Carrera’s new bike helmet has a small switch on top that flicks clear plastic shields over all the front vents, helping to keep the cold and rain out and also giving a claimed aerodynamic advantage.

There’s no faulting the system – it’s easy to use on the go and swapping from closed to open as the day warms up allows good airflow through the lid. We’re less convinced by the aerodynamic clams though as it’s a bit bulky and the shields are so deep within the shell.

The Nitro’s cradle is double hinged, giving plenty of scope for a comfortable and secure fit and the ratchet is easy to operate. The only downside was that the arms of all the sunglasses we tried with the helmet fouled the low cradle, affecting their fit.

It’s not the lightest helmet out there at 353g and we felt its weight when craning our necks in an aero tuck. The pads are extremely comfortable though and wicked sweat impressively fast.