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We try out the new CatEye Stealth 50 bike computer

CatEye Stealth 50 bike computerCatEye Stealth 50

Cateye’s Stealth unit is barely bigger than a standard wireless computer but both the £79.99 Stealth 10 and £99.99 Stealth 50 have a GPS sensor with a programmable log rate of one, two or five seconds to tune accuracy and battery life. The 50 is also ANT+ enabled to pull data from heart-rate belts and power, cadence and speed sensors.

The GPS speed data is impressively accurate and sensor syncing is easy too. The totally sealed unit uses a dock to connect to your PC, where the functional but basic CateyeAtlas site lets you upload rides onto a map or straight onto Facebook, Strava or Training Logs for post-ride analysis.

There’s no programmable screen option so the top line is always current speed – irritating if you want to display heart rate and timer together. The power button on the back is a neat idea to stop accidental presses, but can be a pain for pre-ride resets. We also had problems with Mac compatibility in the UK, although we’re assured it works fine in the US and Japan.