Written by Ben Price

Before I headed out to the European Elite Duathlon Champs in Denmark in May, I was sent a bottle of UFO Drip by CeramicSpeed*. I’ve read a fair bit about this innovative and dynamic company and know many fellow athletes who rave about their ceramic bearings and pulley wheels so I was very excited to get my hands on one of their products, especially as the UFO Drip chain coating data suggests that it is:

  • The world’s fastest bottled product for chains
  • 20% lower friction than the second fastest bottled lubricant in initial pre-ride friction
  • 83% lower than the second fastest bottled lubricant in post-ride friction
  • 46% decreased drivetrain wear vs wet lubes

This test data and being created by Jason Smith, founder of Friction Facts, now a division of CeramicSpeed. All very impressive! But what would it be like in reality, for me?

The UFO Drip arrived and the first thing I noticed was that even the packaging and bottle looks slick! The UFO Drip is not lubricant because it doesn’t remain liquid for long. In a short time it turns to a solid waxy texture on the chain. A very passionate and friendly Veit Hammer (Marketing Director at CeramicSpeed) encouraged me to add the drip to the chain the night before the race to give it plenty of time to settle in. So, the night before the race I thoroughly cleaned my chain and added the liquid UFO drip to it. At first it was a perfect liquid and I was – as suggested – liberal with the coating. By the next morning it had indeed turned to a solid. I wheeled the bike into transition and got on with my race preparation. After a fast opening 10k I jumped on my Trek Concept 2 and headed out for the bike leg. Of course, I cannot say that that the UFO Drip definitely made me faster, but I did record my best bike leg in my duathlon career – not the fastest as it was a rolling course – but I was closer to the uber bikers than I had ever been before and a big reason why I finished 8th – my best placing at this elite event. As I inspected my bike after the race I also noticed that the chain was perfectly clean, despite 60km of riding, much of it on dusty (and even a little bit cobbly!) roads…… another advantage to the UFO Drip is that because it is solid – unlike traditional lubes – it picks up very little dirt.

Overall, I was very impressed with the UFO Drip and will definitely be using it in future. Not only is it fast – it’s hard to argue with the data the company has generated – but it is so much cleaner than traditional wet or dry lubricants.

Well done, CeramicSpeed!

*CeramicSpeed is one of the world’s leading ceramic bearing manufacturers, specialising in the manufacturing and production of pulley wheels, bottom brackets, wheel kits, chains, single bearing components.

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