This shorts cream from Chamois Butt’r is one of the best on the market, and your rear-end will thank you for it.


Triathlon Reviews - Chamois Butt'r Euro StyleShorts creams can make a massive difference to your bum comfort and this tubful is one of the best-performing, best-value loin lubes we’ve tried. At £12.99 for 500ml it’s half the price of the top brands. Whatever shorts or tri suits we’ve used it with, it’s not been found wanting, even on the longest, wettest and grittiest rides.

Slap it on to any friction areas and sweat rash, boils and other soreness are removed from your rump radar. The Euro-style version has a cooling mint sensation for a fresh ‘riding commando in a kilt’ feel, while the normal formulation is neutral on your nethers. It’s also great as a general moisturiser/friction reducer for cracked feet and hands from too much sock-free or swim time.


Top-performing, top-value bum butter in minty or mild flavours

Performance 5/5

Value 5/5

Overall 5/5

Triathlon Plus Peak Performer Award, issue 21