We review the Complete Fitness Coaching Palm Paddles

Complete Fitness Coaching Palm Paddles

Complete Fitness Coaching Palm Paddles

It has taken a while to get used to using these new swim paddles and they’re so unlike any swim aids we’ve used before, we had to talk them through with a couple of swim and tri coaches. Now we’ve been using them for a few months and got the hang of it, they’re a really useful addition to a swim drills session. The idea behind them is to remove your feel for the water, while holding your hand in a natural position, so you have to work harder for your catch and get your elbow and wrist position right. It’s a bit like fist drills, but with a more natural arm position and less risk of thrashing around punching the water.

Unlike conventional swim paddles, you won’t pull your shoulder muscles. We found them really frustrating at first and had a tendency to grip the pebble-like shapes too hard, resulting in a tight and twisty stroke. But after a bit of practice and talking to some coaches who’d tried them, we got used to them, held a more natural hand position and have seen the benefits over a few months with better feel for the water.

They’re not essential kit, and are expensive for simple hand paddles, but a useful addition if you struggle with your catch.