We review these new Continental Grand Prix GT tyres.

Continental Grand Prix GT tyreContinental Grand Prix GT tyre

Continental continue to expand their range of finely tuned training and racing tyres for all athletes with these new all-rounders with reinforced sidewalls and a racing compound.

The GT carcass extends the overlapping tyre layers of the standard Grand Prix tyre all the way down to the bead for better scuff and pothole protection and the Poly X puncture proofing layer is also extended further round the tyre. It doesn’t get the extra Duraskin layer of the Gatorskin tyre though, which left the 256g weight of our sample tyre halfway between the Gatorskin and the normal Grand Prix.

GP4000S Black chili compound tread keeps it fast rolling but more predictably grippy than a normal training tyre, but means a lifespan closer to a light, racy tyre. It definitely feels more like a sturdy training tyre than a reinforced racer, such as the Grand Prix 4 Season, on the road and it’s currently only released in one 25c size.