We test the Cube Aerium HPA Pro triathlon bike in our four ride review

Cube Aerium HPA Pro

First Ride

The Cube Aerium is a tidy aero-profiled alloy road frame, with clip-on extensions added to the standard drop bars. There’s enough wind-cheating promise to have you dreaming of new PBs while you can remove the extensions in minutes to make it a more regulation looking road bike. First impressions are of stability and sure footedness – good characteristics for post-swimming delirium.

Fast Ride

Any tri bike will excel on flat or lightly undulating roads and the angular Aerium doesn’t disappoint. An aero tuck is easily attainable to allow fast cruising. It’s also pretty quick to accelerate, though at this price, with a bit of a weight penalty, you need to hold momentum through corners to avoid the effort of regaining speed. Good stability meant we stayed tucked though open turns in wet and blustery conditions.

Hilly Ride

One downside to clip-ons is that the arm rests get in the way of the tops of your drop bars – the classic hand position when climbing. Add to this the fact that the Aerium is geared for flat and rolling roads and you might find steeper hills a bit of a battle. Both issues are easily sorted with some riser pads for the clip-ons and slightly easier gearing – the trade-off for the Aerium having a jack-of-all-trades cockpit.

Long Ride

The stiff feeling Aerium really hoovers up the miles, but we’d have liked slightly wider tyres than the 23c Schwalbes for comfort on rougher roads. The excellent Fizik Arione Tri saddle was sofa-cushy on the tushie. The Cube will make you feel faster than your old road bike, yet could leave you wondering what would be possible on a fully fledged TT weapon. That you can still use it as a regular road bike without clip-ons is a bonus.