Keep your feet warm and dry with one of these pairs of cycling overshoes, designed for the very worst weather winter can throw at you.

Altura Etape Cycling Overshoe

1. Altura Etape £19.99 

A doddle to get on, thanks to a thin construction, and stretch panels on the underside. The velcro top closure allows you to get a tight fit at the calf, but the lack of storm flap on the untaped zipper would give us cause for concern on a long winter training ride. They put in a pretty good performance on wet roads for an hour, though, repelling flung-up water and the worst of the wind. Copious hi-viz detailing is a boon, as is a durable, abrasion-resistant area under the toes.

Overall: 3/5

DHB Extreme Weather Cycling Overshoe

2. DHB Extreme Weather £29.99

Yes, they look like a pair of gardening boots once they’re on, but these were the most windproof on test. Thick neoprene makes them perfect for the harshest conditions. The underside has generous enough openings that hot air can escape from your shoes’ vented soles, too. The taped zip and velcro closure is similar to the Shimano set, and works as well. That said, these would be best reserved for extreme conditions as even in mid-November our feet were overheating.

Overall: 4/5

Louis Garneau Neo Protect 2

3. Louis Garneau Neo Protect 2 £24.99

The Neo Protect’s neoprene construction ensures these let in about as much water as a wetsuit. However, this has the knock-on effect of trapping moisture, leaving us with clammy feet after an hour. The bridge between heel and cleat holes in the underside is thin, so the durability of this area is worth keeping an eye on. Also, the holes cut on the underside front for off-road shoe compatibility will tear and spread. The velcro rear closure is simple and effective, though.

Overall: 2/5

Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell Cycling Overshoe

4. Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell £44.99

The only pair here with such a massive rear opening – but it’s a false economy. They’re over your shoes in no time, but the two-stage velcro closure is fiddly to get spot-on, despite the stretch fit. Once on, we felt nothing in the way of cold or wetness, and their Kevlar underside feels durable. Replace the velcro with a taped zip and a tighter fit at the calf and these would be real contenders.
As it stands, they’re bettered by much cheaper shoe covers.

Overall: 3/5

Shimano Asphalt H2O Cycling Overshoe

5. Shimano Asphalt H2O £35.99

An excellent compromise between fit and weather protection, these combine stretch fabric with a fleeced lining for warmth and a PU coating for water repellence. They’re as warm on November rides as some bulkier winter shoe covers, and have a sizeable hole for cleats to find pedals. A taped rear zipper and velcro strap at the calf ensure a decent fit. They’re not 100% waterproof, but for 50 miles in drizzle they’re a safe bet. The fluoro design helps with visibility.

Overall: 3/5

Endura Deluge Cycling Overshoe

6. Endura Deluge £26.59

Quite simply the most effective overshoe here for both warmth and fit. Imagine trying to get a shoe-shaped wetsuit over your feet and you’ve an idea of how tightly they fit. Such is the super-snug fitment of these tough neoprene covers that there’s no need for any fasteners – they stayed secure on our bib tights for a two-hour ride. Reflective logos on the outer side of the shoe covers are a bonus, too. Factor into all of this the price, and you’re looking at a clear winner.

Overall: 5/5