We try out the new Denon Exercise Freak headphones

Denon Exercise Freak headphonesDenon Exercise Freak

Finding earphones that stay in, stay comfy and offer good sound quality while you’re working out is hard. This set does a good job of solving those problems but doesn’t quite warrant the top-end price.

Adjustable units help the in-ear buds stay secure while you’re running, and you get four different sized buds to tune fit. The flexible band at the back was just right for us – where some loll about and bang the back of your neck, this is short and stiff enough to stay clear.

Sound quality is clear and detailed, but the ‘professionally tuned inner amplifier’ seems to have been set up for extra bass, which didn’t work for all our music. The earphones don’t block all external noise, but they’re better than most for use in the gym.

Bluetooth pairing with an iPhone is quick, and the controls are simple and easy to use. They outlasted the claimed seven-hour charge and outstretched the advised one-metre range from the phone. The earphones are designed for use with Denon’s Sport app, a MapMyFitness based system. The bored fembot voice isn’t great, but it is useful to have audio progress checks at user-set intervals, and you can control music from within the app too.