Technical sports apparel brand, dhb, has launched a new range of triathlon gear with its Tri 2017 collection.

The new range incorporates dhb’s expertise in cycling and running to deliver a tri suit range fit for triathletes looking for a competitive edge. This collection builds on the popularity of last year’s dhb Tri Suit, taking things to the next level with a new, exciting tier. The new tri suits include enhanced features such as thin silicon grippers and premium fabrics to keep triathletes on the move in style and comfort.

The 2017 launch welcomes the addition of the eye-catching designs of the dhb Blok range to make tri enthusiasts standout from the crowd.

Featuring quick-dry capabilities and SPF UV Protection 50+, the heat and sun will be no obstacle to keep triathletes from doing what they love this season. The women’s tri suit features a female specific fit and chamois to provide added comfort on the road.

The new and improved dhb Tri 2017 collection is available now from

  • dhb Blok Tri Suit (£72)
  • dhb Women’s Blok Tri Suit (£72)
  • dhb Blok Short Sleeve Tri Top (£45)
  • dhb Women’s Blok Short Sleeve Tri Top (£45)
  • dhb Women’s Blok Tri Singlet (£42)
  • dhb Women’s Blok Tri Shorts (£42)
  • dhb Classic Short Sleeve Tri Suit (£70)
  • dhb Classic Tri Suit (£66)
  • dhb Women’s Classic Tri Suit (£66)