The latest elite training swimwear collection from MP Michael Phelps uses vibrant Italian fabric infused with rich textures and artistic tones to create maximum visual impact whilst delivering the brand’s signature long lasting performance.

The new Evolution Collection encompasses three ultra vivid prints, all personally selected by Michael Phelps, named Vintage, Vital and Fusion.

The line is made in ultra chlorine resistant Aqua Infinity fabric which allows the highly-saturated colours and fabric elasticity to remain the same even after 200+ hours in chlorinated water and each garment is also extremely resistant to sweat and sun cream and has UV 50+ protection.

Breathable, lined and fast drying, this outstanding swimwear delivers bold styling whilst meeting the exacting performance requirements of the most serious swimmer.

There is a choice of open back  and racing back one-piece swimsuits plus a stunning two-piece for women, and a choice of 6.5cm and 14cm briefs and also jammers for men.

Attention to detail construction features include thin silicone straps for the womens one-pieces to ensure enhanced durability and stretch.

Womens sizes are 22 – 38.  Mens sizes are 22- 38.

Available now from good swim shops.

For more info visit and follow the brand on social media using @MP_michaelphelps_UK

The MP brand represents Michael Phelps’ mission to change the sport of swimming by offering high-quality products that help swimmers to reach peak performance but are also packed with eye catching style.