We review this nutrition optimised for endurance athletes over 35

Elivar sports nutritionElivar sports nutrition
Box of 12 sachets: Recover, £29.99; Endure, £19.99; Prepare, £29.99

Recognising that older athletes have different needs, Elivar has created a range of pre-, during- and post-exercise drinks for over-35s. To avoid spikes in blood sugar, the low-GI sugar isomaltulose is used instead of fructose and sucrose; this releases  energy more slowly and helps prevent bloating.

The drinks also contain branched-chain amino acids, a raft of vitamins and minerals, and up to 27g of protein per serving. Noticeably less sweet than some, we found the powders very palatable and easy to drink. Though we didn’t feel an initial performance kick, they got us through high-intensity two-hour rides with no flat spots or discomfort.

Team Felt Triathlon Plus‘s Kevin Gover – in the 50-54 age group – has also been testing the product for us and has reported that since using Elivar Recover, he’s seen a significant reduction in his recovery times. Where previously long sessions or high intensity workouts created significant fatigue, using Elivar has boosted his recovery and allowed him to train more consistently than before.