Enve’s SES Aero bars tested, rated and reviewed

ENVE SES Aerobar ReviewEnve SES Aero bar

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Designed by aerodynamics superstar Simon Smart, Enve’s SES Aero Bar has been painstakingly refined in the wind tunnel for optimum aero efficiency and performance.

Set-up is surprisingly simple compared to some aerobars. There’s an extension clamp that the pads are screwed onto and which also offers up-down angle adjustment. Then it’s just a case of selecting the correct combination of spacers and bolts to set the pads and bars at your desired height. There’s no rotational adjustment of the extensions to narrow the bars at the ends but you can run them at either 86 or 173mm apart and above or below the base bar.

There are also cut markings for your preference of straight, s-bend or the as-is ski-style shapes. Our early production set needed a bit of filing on the inside to fit the shifters snugly after cutting, but Enve says this shouldn’t affect models in the marketplace.

The bars are easy to cable and really comfortable – the pads, which have rotation and width adjustment, reduce buzz, hold well, soak sweat and dry quickly. The gritted finish on the bullhorns gives added grip, though gloves are still a must in the wet.

Enve’s carbon composite know-how is shown in the light weight – between 650-800g depending on spacer options – and extraordinary stiffness when powering hard out the saddle. We’re confident that the smooth lines, minimalist style and wind-tunnel design make for a very aero set-up too.