We see if the Firefly electrostimulation device really can aid recovery

Firefly electronic recovery aidFirefly
£30 a pair
£100 for four pairs

Firefly is a new recovery aid that’s designed to help your body flush out exercise-induced waste and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Clinically tested and CE certified, the sticky-backed units come in pairs. They’re designed to be attached to the head of the fibula, just below your knees, where they use electrostimulation to activate your calf muscles, mimicking the blood flow rate of walking while you put your feet up.

The units have 7  stimulation levels, with each increase in power prompting an ever more powerful twitch of the foot – something that takes a little getting used to. We used Firefly after several long, hard sessions for about six hours at a time and saw a definite decrease in expected leg muscle soreness in the days following. Although designed for one use only, the units have 30 hours of juice in them and don’t lose power during their battery life.