We review Fizik’s latest performance saddle to see if it can topple the famous Arione.

Fizik Kurve Snake

Fizik have launched a whole new range of performance saddles named Kurve with three different designs that follow the same shapes as the Arione, Aliante, and Antares, renamed Snake, Bull, and Chameleon. The Snake’s dimensions are 297mm long and 134mm at the widest point and are the same as the Arione. Where it differs is the use of the one-piece Mobius rail. This aluminium rail loops around the outer edge of the saddle’s rear and connects up front much further forward than a standard saddle. The front fitting is supplied with two options, a soft and hard connector. This restricts or allows the saddle’s base to flex adding comfort from the actual hull, rather than extra padding. The hull is a thermoplastic composite with thinner sections at the sit bones and forward pressure points. The Kurve’s hull is unsupported through a larger section of the overall length. This allows the whole saddle to flex; think more hammock than traditional saddle. At 221g it’s heavier than the Arione CX (£159.99, 169g) but we would trade the extra 50g for the marked improvement in overall comfort.

Reinvents the legendary Arione with a more comfortable ride.

Performance 5/5
Value 3/5
Overall 4/5

Triathlon Plus Peak Performer Award, issue 41

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