Fizik’s new noseless Tritone triathlon saddle ridden, reviewed and rated

Fizik-Tritone-SaddleFizik Tritone saddle

Fizik have produced tri saddles for years but this is their first ‘noseless’ type, designed to allow forward rotation of the hip for an efficient position on the aerobars. We were sceptical of the sharp edge and firm padding but it actually proved rather comfy, aided by a deep central channel to reduce pressure.

At 55mm wide at the tip, the Tritone is narrower than some other TT or split nose designs. We felt no undue chafing and there’s plenty of space to move around and find a better position if numbness or discomfort sets in during a long ride.

The Tritone also comes with a modular carriage kit that bolts directly onto the saddle’s hull and can carry two bottle cages, a CO2 canister, inflator and spare inner tube. The braided carbon rails are reflected in the high price and low weight – 234g without rear kit – but there’s also a steel alloy version quoted at 250g for £139.99.