Flatlines Elastic Laces



Flatlines Laces make transition that bit quicker

The smallest of details can make a big difference in a tri race, and pulling on your shoes easily in T2 and then having a comfortable run could be what gives you a PB. We’ve never been entirely satisfied with the elastic laces we’ve tried, but these flat silicone rubber versions do feel different from versions that have gone before. The idea is that their flat shape, lack of knots or big locks means they’re more comfortable; they’re also adjustable between eyelets so you can get a really customised fit (for example, if you wanted less pressure over the top of your foot). They’re quite straightforward to fit, although keeping the laces flat against your foot is a job, and we really liked the flat buckles, which hold them in place at the top. Sure enough they make pulling your shoe on fast, and we managed to tweak the pressure in different areas of the foot without the laces slipping on the run. The only downside for our tester was they don’t feel as firm and secure as some other laces we’ve tried – but that’s a personal preference. They’re a good price compared with other elastic laces too.


Neat, well-performing, comfortable elastic laces – the best of the bunch.

Value 4/5

Performance 5/5

Overall 4/5

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