FlowCell® Ltd has announced the release of FoodCell® via the online crowdfunding site Kickstarter. FoodCell® has been exclusively designed with the triathlete and cyclist in mind, looking for optimum food storage capacity that is easily accessible in a visually stunning lightweight and aerodynamic design.

FoodCell® is the 1st food carrier that is patent pending and has a unique ‘slider’ opening. The simple 1 finger opening avoids the problems with similar products on the market.

“Typically once you place your gels in most aerodynamic food carriers, getting them back out is a real issue,” states the companies (FlowCell Ltd) founder, Dr Mark Tallon. The zip or thin slit design of many products offer great aerodynamics but the result is a product that’s not fit for purpose. Another big concern is being able to hold enough food for the duration of an Ironman® Triathlon and Sportive cycling event. To that end FoodCell® has one if not the largest capacity to hold foods currently available on the market, yet without significantly impacting aerodynamics and functionality.

Dr Mark Tallon the founder of FoodCell® is also a sub 10hr Ironman triathlete and the development of FoodCell® came as a result of his own experiences and frustrations with current food carriers.

After 9 months of work with multiple prototypes and designs the final product allows great access to the food inside, but it retains its aerodynamics through a tapered K-Tail shape and overall design specifically chosen to reduce air drag. It can be detached from the base unit with the press of a small button. This allows the main body of the FoodCell® to be cleaned without having to undo Velcro straps or undo bolts that attach the product to the bike frame – another market 1st.

You can check out FoodCell® at its kickstarter site.