We put the M.Cipollini RB1000 through our First Ride review

Triathlon Bikes - M.Cipollini RB1000

The M.Cipollini RB1000 is the flagship model from the Tour de France sprinter Mario Cipollini

First Ride

Mario Cipollini is the legendary Italian cyclist specialist in sprinting, with 189 victories to his name. Since retiring in 2008 ‘super Mario’ has kept busy developing the M.Cipollini bike line. This RB1000 is the flagship frame built around Campagnolo’s Super Record 11-speed groupset, FSA K-Force Light tubular aero wheels and K-Force finishing kit.

Fast Ride

It’s easy to see this bike has more in common with a TT or tri bike than most road machines. The geometry and tube shapes mean it has one purpose – to go fast. The down tube is scalloped and shaped to allow the front wheel to blend into an aero-efficient form, with the seat tube curving around the rear wheel. Match this to the shallow head tube, and you have a seriously aggressive position

Hilly Ride

This bike has such a hugely aggressive position that short hills are accomplished with ease. When the road trails upwards for longer, the large drop between saddle and bars and forced super-low position means standing is the order of the day. However, seated climbs aren’t really an option, as it’s not that easy to find a comfortable position in the saddle.

Long Ride

The RB1000 looks like a full-on TT bike that happens to have standard drop bars, at least in its position. The clever touch here is that the longer, shallower fork does not leave excessive trail, making it more like a road bike in terms of handling. The chassis holds its line well and its fun to ride hard. Road buzz is kept in check and it’s super-light, making it comfortable on longer outings.


An aggressive position makes the RB1000 ideal for competitive blasts, and it’s great fun to ride.

RRP £4,100