We test the FuelBelt Aero FuelBox triathlon food bag

FuelBelt Aero FuelBoxFuelBelt Aero FuelBox

This simple food bag from FuelBelt fastens securely to your top-tube and stem via four strong Velcro straps and a rubberised bottom/side. The outer is made from water-resistant ripstop material, with reflective FuelBelt logos on each side, while the inner has a smooth lining, an easy-wipe plastic insert and a handy zipped compartment.

The Aero FuelBox zips open and closed easily, and holds five 60ml gels at a pinch, though the tapered design means less capacity than a similarly sized rectangular pouch. We can’t comment on the aero side of things, but it doesn’t move around like some others out there, is fairly compact and settles nicely out of the way behind the stem.