Adidas has unveiled its latest contribution to performance footwear with Futurecraft 3D, a 3D-printed running shoe midsole which can be tailored to the of an individual’s foot.

The concept aims to provide the ultimate personalised experience for athletes.

“Imagine walking into an adidas store, running briefly on a treadmill and instantly getting a 3D-printed running shoe – this is the ambition of the adidas 3D-printed midsole. Creating a flexible, fully breathable carbon copy of the athlete’s own footprint, matching exact contours and pressure points, it will set the athlete up for the best running experience,” said Eric Liedtke, Executive Board Member of adidas AG, responsible for Global Brands.

“Linked with existing data sourcing and footscan technologies, it opens unique opportunities for immediate in-store fittings.”

Futurecraft 3D is possible through an open source partnership with Materialise, a specialist in 3D printing.