Triathlon Tech

  • H2O Audio Waterproof MP3 Case And Headphones Review

    1st September 2010

    Use your MP3 player in the water with these hugely practical add-ons. Waterproof Case £69.95 Sportwrap Headphones £49.95 There are plenty of underwater MP3 players on the market, but it can still be a hassle to upload your music…

  • Nike Sports Band2 Review

    1st September 2010

    This speed-and-distance monitor from Nike is excellent value – but how precise is it? £40 This is the second generation of Nike’s popular user-friendly speed-and-distance monitor. A slim rubber bracelet holds the clear one-line display comfortably and keeps weight…

  • POWERbreathe Kinetic Review

    1st September 2010

    Can this clever gadget from POWERbreathe really help you breathe more easily? £249.99 Most of us have experienced breathlessness when racing or training, and the POWERbreathe Kinetic improves breath volume and total breath power to improve endurance performance. The…