New Garmin Edge 1000 GPS bike computer to feature segments, enhanced mapping navigation and remote control

Garmin have unveiled the Edge 1000 – the company’s new flagship cycling computer.

The Edge 1000 will be available in the first week of May and retail at £439.00, and £499.00 for a bundle including the HRM3 heart rate strap and new speed/cadence sensors.

This newest addition to the Edge range builds on the success of the Edge 810 and the more recent Garmin Touring bike computers.

Garmin Edge 1000 Segments

The Edge 1000 is compatible with Garmin Connect segments

Garmin Edge 1000 features include:

Segment capabilities

With the Edge 1000, you can view Garmin Connect segment start and finish point alerts, race against your best time or take on that of the segment leader. With a planned software update, cyclists will also be able to plan rides using segments.

Enhanced connectivity

The Edge 1000 will give iPhone users alerts for texts and incoming calls as well as instant uploads social media, live tracking (allowing friends and family to view your position in real time) and on-the-go upload and download of data from Garmin Connect using Bluetooth Smart or Wi-fi.

Garmin Edge 1000 Mapping

The Edge 1000 has advanced mapping and navigation

Enhanced navigation

Llike the Garmin Touring computer, the Edge 1000 offers a more robust GPS mapping system to help cyclist find their way around. Described as a car GPS navigator for cycling, the preloaded mapping included points of interest.

Riders can enter a distance and the Edge 1000 will create a training loop for them, while the unit can also direct back to start during any route or calculate the most direct route to a destination – showing a preview of the route’s elevation. All routes can be used with turn-by-turn directions.

New Edge Remote

The Garmin Edge 1000 is the first model to use the new Edge Remote, which Garmin describe as “a rugged, compact and lightweight remote control that allows riders to easily control Edge without removing their hands from the handlebar.”

Garmin Edge 1000 Di2

The Garmin Edge 1000 shows gearing for Shimano Di2 electronic shifting systems

Di2 connectivity

The Edge 1000 can talk with Shimano Di2 systems (with Shimano D-Fly Data Management function) and display the current gearing. Aside from being a cool feature, having to look down at the cogs with an aero helmet on creates a lot of drag over a long ride – so this feature could even contribute to a faster bike split.


The 3-inch display of the Edge 1000 is up to Garmin’s usual high standards, being full colour and touch sensitive. Like Garmin’s other units, the Edge 1000 is fully customisable with different field for data – including ANT+ devices such as power meters (there’s a built-in FTP test), heart rate and speed/cadence sensors. A planned software update will also allow horizontal mounting for wide-screen use.

We’ll have an Edge 1000 in for review as soon as units become available. Check out the Gallery below for more feature screens.