This new watch from Garmin certainly looks the part, but does it perform as well as its competitors?

Triathlon Gear Reviews - Garmin Fore Runner 310XT Watch£319.99

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While most of us have been quite happily stuffing our Garmin under our swim hat for GPS-measured open-water training, as the GPS doesn’t transmit through water, we were mighty excited to see an upgrade had arrived for swim distance measurement while it’s on your wrist. You simply need to go to the above link and download the new software.

Before upgrade the Garmin swim function measured roughly double the distance you were actually swimming. However, after the upgrade, distance accuracy on pre-measured courses still varied quite considerably, so we think it needs more fine-tuning.


A disappointing upgrade, but the 310XT is still our favourite tri training buddy.

Performance 3/5

Value 3/5

Overall 3/5