Phil Burt, the world-renowned cycling physiotherapist, bike fitter and author announced the launch of his new venture, Phil Burt Innovation, at a packed launch event alongside Sir Chris Hoy.

Phil Burt Innovation will offer a range of services including cycling specific injury assessment and treatment, bike fit, aero assessment and saddle health assessments. The later will be provided through the world’s first multi-disciplinary saddle health clinic. Burt is also committed to bringing better solutions to market through own products and collaborations with some of the biggest names in cycling.

In addition, Phil Burt Innovation is able to design and manufacture bespoke cycling shorts, saddles and shoes to fit the individual cyclist and offer truly complementary and integrated saddle health and orthotic solutions.

Under this eponymous new brand, Burt, whose 12 years working as British Cycling’s Head of Physiotherapy yielded a staggering 92 World Track Championship medals and 38 Olympic medals, will offer a range of advanced performance, health and comfort services previously only available to the best riders in the world.

As Consultant Physiotherapist to Team Sky, Phil Burt assisted the team through five Tour de France campaigns including four GC victories. During this time, Burt introduced innovative recovery methods to road cycling including warm-downs, the bed-in-a-bag sleeping system and conditioning off the bike to improve riding performance. It was this attention to detail of all aspects affecting performance which earnt Team Sky the ‘marginal gains’ reputation; methods quickly adopted by the rest of the World Tour teams.

Following this long career working with the world’s top cyclists, Burt is now focussing his efforts on using his unique expertise to help cyclists at all levels improve their performance, health and comfort. For the first time, all cyclists will be able to access the same level of service offered to the GB ‘medal factory’.

It’s this innovation offered by Burt that resulted research forcing the UCI to change their rule on saddle height back in 2015. Multiple Olympic Gold Medallist Laura Kenny cited as being the deciding factor in her dominant 2016 Rio Olympics campaign. At the core of every service offered by Phil Burt Innovation is a wholly holistic process and philosophy developed through a decade spent at the top end of elite sport.

Phil Burt Innovation will be based at Manchester Institute of Health & Performance (MIHP), a world-class environment for diagnosis, education and research in health and performance.

Phil Burt said: “I believe that I have a different approach. At the core of every service or product offered is a wholly holistic philosophy, developed over a decade by my work in elite sport. At Phil Burt Innovation we have some simple principles; a client centred design process and using our holistic approach to bring all the interplaying factors together so you can see and feel large improvements on the bike.”

He added: “When we carry out any of our services it has to be all about you. We’re not interested in selling you a new bike, or expensive upgrades. We place a huge amount of importance on listening and understanding your goals. By establishing the goal of an assessment or bike fit, we can tailor our experience to get the results and outcome you really want.”

Sir Chris Hoy said: “I worked with Phil for the last six years of my career and the physiotherapy support he provided was instrumental in allowing me to train and compete injury free. This was no mean feat considering I was 36 in London 2012, so for all his hard work and input he gave, I’m very grateful.”

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